being chased by orders all the way, why is this company so popular?
being chased by orders all the way, why is this company so popular?
2023/5/7 22:52:00
being chased by orders all the way, why is this company so popular?

being chased by orders all the way, why is this company so popular?

微信图片_20230507225403.jpglock the last one

when i came to rept battero, i found that the company was very large, and there were only 7 doors for entry and exit. entering through gate 2, the production manager zhao feng is already waiting in the lobby on the first floor. "today, we need to deliver 30,000 50ah lithium-ion batteries to customers. you are here at the right time. go to the chemical testing workshop to help."

on the way to the workshop, zhao feng gave me a popular science-our company's energy storage lithium-ion batteries have become the primary choice for energy storage markets in asia, africa, europe, america, and australia. "the 50 ah energy storage lithium-ion battery is our order king. at the end of last year, the production line increased from 3 to 6, and the monthly production capacity reached 2.48 million." zhao feng said, "there are more orders this year. to ensure on-time delivery, every day the production must meet the planned volume."

after listening to the introduction, i couldn't help speeding up my pace and arrived at the testing workshop soon.

the production of a lithium-ion battery has to go through 15 processes including feeding, coating, cutting, top cover welding, liquid injection, formation, and coating. as one of the first batch of future factories in zhejiang province in 2022, rept battero production workshop has basically realized automation. the testing workshop has the most employees. "this is the last process before the product is handed over to the customer. it is necessary to check the quality of the product by seeing and touching it to ensure zero defects."


the lithium-ion batteries in front of me are wearing blue coats, with positive and negative poles on the top cover, product traceability qr codes, and explosion-proof valves. the overall size is not big. "it looks very delicate, how do i test it?" seeing my doubts, shi yang, a visual inspection operator born after 2000, leaned down, picked up a battery from the robot assembly line, and taught me the essentials: "look at the pole, the two check whether there is electrolyte corrosion in the dimension code, check whether the explosion-proof valve is corroded or damaged, and check whether there are foreign objects, air bubbles, or wrinkles on the blue film on the battery surface.” shi yang pointed to the foam piled up to a height of 1 meter and said: “ if there are no problems, gently place the battery in the foam, and pay attention to the uniformity and order of the positive and negative electrodes here. after a layer of foam is placed, the shipment can be arranged."

after studying, i put on my overalls and gloves, and went to work with confidence. following shi yang's actions just now, i carefully picked up a battery and squinted my eyes to look for flaws. but looking left and right, there was no corrosion, damage or air bubbles in the electrolyte. i took a battery that i thought was qualified to shi yang for inspection. she looked at it and said a little seriously: "there is a little electrolyte left on the qr code. if this is sent out, the customer should complain."

i stared at the battery for a while, and finally noticed a tiny trace of electrolyte corrosion on the qr code. i learned a lot from a pitfall, so i cheered up and continued to work, but the speed couldn't keep up with shi yang. after an hour, my eyes and hands were sore, but the "record" was only 80 batteries. turning around to look at shi yang, she has tested 200 of them.

"to do a good job in testing, you need to exercise your responsiveness and concentration." shi yang told me, "although it is tiring, product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and we cannot be negligent."

微信图片_20230507225412.jpgall employees are in the arena for innovation

after work in the morning, my "colleagues" took me to the staff cafeteria for dinner. during the dinner, i asked zhao feng: "why are there so many orders for rept battero?"

"the secret to seizing the market is in the r&d building. let's go, i'll show you." after the meal, zhao feng took me into the r&d building without taking a break.

on the 3rd floor, xie mei, an engineer of the process development department, is having a regular work meeting with team members. "the first batch of cars equipped with 'wending' batteries have successfully passed the winter standard test in heilongjiang." xie mei said, "before the mass production of the 'wonding' batteries, everyone has suggestions on how to improve the automatic welding equipment bar."

seeing my "new employee" curious, xie mei explained that the winter standard test is to test the battery stability in an extremely low temperature environment. the "wending" battery is a blockbuster product that rept battero will officially release in august 2022. the cell technology of this power battery can make the cruising range of the new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery exceed 700 kilometers. because the energy density is different from other power batteries, the welding equipment needs to be redesigned.

it turned out that during the trial production stage of the "qingding" battery, rept battero used a manual production line to complete the battery welding process, and it took 10 minutes to weld a battery. "our direction this year is very clear. we need to use automated equipment to increase the welding speed of the 'wending' batteries. the average welding time for each battery is controlled within 30 seconds, so as to win the opportunity for new products to seize the high-end market."

walking around the r&d building, i found that xie mei's team is not the only one busy working on the "wanting" battery. coming to the laboratory on the second floor, yu feng, the senior manager of battery structure development, is conducting high-temperature tests on the "wending" battery. i saw him wearing work clothes and thick gloves, putting dozens of battery top covers into a 400-degree high-temperature box. "before a new product is put into mass production, at least 1,000 hours of experiments are required to confirm whether the safety and reliability of the battery can meet customer needs, and no mistakes are allowed." yu feng said.


"it's not just engineers and r&d personnel who strive for innovation in our company." taking the elevator downstairs, zhao feng said that since the establishment of rept battero, a "big arena" for technological innovation has been set up in the company every year, and employees spontaneously declare innovation project, the winning team can get a maximum of 1 million yuan innovation award.

the generous rewards for innovative projects have activated the "pool of spring water" in the enterprise. today, rept battero has obtained 848 patent authorizations. not long ago, the "wending" battery was officially announced for mass production at the shanghai international automobile industry exhibition. this battery that has broken through many technical problems has attracted wide attention. in addition, the company has many high-tech products under development.

intimate service to ensure production

if technological innovation is the "hard support" for enterprise development, then the business environment is "soft power". in order to ensure the smooth production of the enterprise, the local government departments have worked hard.

when i experienced rept battero, i met members of the special team of rept office in wenzhou bay new area. they came to follow up the construction progress of the third phase of rept battero project. "after multi-party coordination, the pre-construction approval work such as the planning permit and construction permit has been successfully applied for. what problems need to be solved in the follow-up construction? we will hold a brief exchange meeting today and let everyone talk about it together."

zhang zhiming, executive director and assistant to the president of rept battero, was very moved by the dedication of the members of the special class. "i just look forward to the construction of the new plant as soon as possible, and it will be completed and put into production as soon as possible." zhang zhiming said that with the professional guidance of the special team members, he believes that the construction of the new project will be smooth. after the third phase of the project is completed and put into operation, the production capacity of the enterprise can be nearly doubled.

with the development of the enterprise, the number of employees of rept battero has increased year by year, and keeping people has become a new focus. at the exchange meeting, members of the special class of rept office also brought a piece of good news: in order to allow the children of migrant workers in enterprises to read and read good books, wenzhou city is comprehensively relaxing the admission requirements for children of migrant workers in enterprises. the children of enterprise employees who need to enroll in school or transfer to wenzhou bay new district can arrange enrollment in the area of residence according to the principle of relative proximity, and the process is optimized and the registration method is simplified.

"this is a good measure to retain people. with this policy, employees can work with peace of mind." zhang zhiming applauded.

these measures have strengthened rept battero development confidence. "in 2023, we will move towards the goal of an output value of 18 billion yuan." zhang zhiming is full of confidence.

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