rept battero 320ah&340ah wending battery energy storage series debut
rept battero 320ah&340ah wending battery energy storage series debut
2023/7/21 15:19:00
rept battero 320ah&340ah wending battery energy storage series debut

rept battero 320ah&340ah wending battery energy storage series debut

on may 24, 2023, rept battero 320ah and 340ah mitsubishi battery energy storage series were released. with mitsubishi technology to empower energy storage cells, a press conference for mitsubishi battery energy storage series was held at snec2023. with long life, high safety, and strength, it interprets "high-energy mitsubishi, innovative core without boundaries".

微信图片_20230721093827.jpgat the press conference, liu wei, secretary-general of the zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance, gave a report speech on the theme of "energy storage technology and industry development status and trends". in the speech, it was mentioned that the scale of the international and domestic energy storage markets is constantly growing, and the new energy storage market is still booming. among the new energy storage projects, "big storage" still occupies an absolute dominant position. energy storage battery technology will continue to tackle key problems in the direction of high safety, long life, high power, high efficiency, low cost, large scale, and sustainable development. among them, the expansion of energy storage cells has become an absolute trend. large-capacity cells are one of the solutions to reduce the cost of energy storage batteries and improve energy storage safety, battery life, and energy density. it has become a trend in the field of energy storage. large-capacity batteries have become the "standard equipment" for technical competitions, and the launch of ripple's 320ah & 340ah top energy storage batteries is undoubtedly a strong boost for ripple on the energy storage track.

微信图片_20230721093828.jpgdr. hou min, vice president of rept batteroi, announced the launch of the 320ah and 340ah battery energy storage series at the press conference of "high-energy wintop·creation infinity", which will be fully compatible in size and will be officially launched in q3 and q4 in 2023. after opening the new era of vtop, the product series based on vtop technology has been continuously expanded. this time, ripu lanjun brought two batteries of the vtop battery energy storage series to make a stunning appearance with real "large capacity" and ultra-high cycle life.

微信图片_20230721093828_1.jpgthe "qingding" battery shortens the length of the tabs, changes the connection method with the adapter piece, and adopts integrated welding technology to realize the integrated connection of the internal structure of the battery cell, reducing the original top space from 15mm to 8mm, and effectively increasing the space utilization rate by more than 7%.

rept battero regards serving the global new energy electric energy storage market as an important strategic layout. the 320ah battery cell tüv rheinland "iec ul" standard certification ceremony was held simultaneously with the heavy launch of the wending battery energy storage series, announcing that the 320ah wending energy storage battery has reached the tüv rheinland iec 62619, ul 1973, and ul 9540a standard certification, which means that the 320ah wending energy storage battery has reached international standards in terms of safety performance and is ready to enter the global market this also demonstrates the sincerity and professionalism of ripu lanjun in technology research and development and product safety, and lays a solid foundation for the development of rept battero energy storage business.

微信图片_20230721093828_3.jpgat the same time, rept battero also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with dnv det norske veritas. through the inspection and audit of dnv professional institutions, dnv helped rept battero improve the understanding and awareness of overseas customers on product performance. in order to further improve the development and performance assurance of battery products, rept battero has reached a strategic cooperation with dnv, and wending battery energy storage series products will also be submitted for inspection and evaluation one after another.


the wending battery energy storage series has been favored by many top customers for its superiority in technology and outstanding performance. rept battero signed cooperation agreements with seven companies including crrc zhuzhou institute, powin, energy vault, kehua data energy, cairi energy, shuangyili, and qinghe new energy for the supply of battery energy storage series.

at the signing ceremony, a number of companies and rept battero expressed their willingness to be based on mutual trust, focus on long-term interests, commit to stable long-term cooperation, mutual benefit, and promote the leapfrog development of both businesses. at the same time, ripu lanjun will make full use of its own advantages in battery production and manufacturing to meet the other party's demand for the 320ah & 340ah top-mounted battery energy storage series. the signing ceremony of the wending battery energy storage series supply cooperation agreement has established a cooperative relationship with a number of leading customers, and reached a preliminary willingness to cooperate in the supply cooperation of wending battery energy storage series products, which once again confirms that technology is the hard power.

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