breakthrough innovation, capacity upgrade | rept battero 5.5mwh energy storage battery cabin system successfully rolled off the production line
breakthrough innovation, capacity upgrade | rept battero 5.5mwh energy storage battery cabin system successfully rolled off the production line
2024/4/2 16:44:00
breakthrough innovation, capacity upgrade | rept battero 5.5mwh energy storage battery cabin system successfully rolled off the production line

breakthrough innovation, capacity upgrade | rept battero 5.5mwh energy storage battery cabin system successfully rolled off the production line

on february 28, rept battero's latest generation of 20-foot 5.51mwh energy storage battery cabin was officially rolled off the production line. using the self-developed wending 345ah energy storage battery, the system's standard 20-foot container was further increased to 5.51mwh, achieving energy storage in standard sizes. keep improving.

the system uses self-developed wending 345ah batteries that comply with the latest safety regulations in china, north america, the european union and other regions, and has obtained the ul9540a thermal runaway risk analysis report, ul1973, and iec62619 certifications conducted by tüv rheinland, germany, and has also obtained un38.3 and other certifications.


the battery compartment still uses a standard 20-foot container with a single-side door opening, which supports the combination of four machines and the shipping of the entire machine. in addition to using the functions of step-by-step full-parallel liquid-cooled flow channels, multi-level short-circuit protection, drain-free repair and maintenance, and module-level fire protection, the system has undergone major optimization and upgrades for battery modules and introduced a number of thermal runaway sensing and early warning tests. .at the same time, there has been a significant improvement in integration cost reduction.


this time rept battero's new 5.51mwh dc module will create more value for customers with an energy storage battery solution with better performance, higher safety, and easier operation and maintenance!


3 new advantages of upgrade

5.51mwh energy storage battery cabin system

01 better cost and performance

the product has once again been upgraded, and the wending 345ah energy storage battery has been released, with an actual capacity of over 350ah, an energy efficiency of 96.2%, and a long cycle life of 10,000 and a calendar life of 20 years. the 5.51mwh liquid-cooled battery cabin launched this time based on the above-mentioned latest battery cell products has further improved the integration density from modules to the entire cabin. thanks to this, the capacity costs alone can be reduced by another 7% compared to a 5mwh single cabin.

02 higher safety and protection

product safety is a basic topic in the iterative evolution of energy storage products. rept battero starts from the customer application perspective and focuses on the system durability and safety throughout the life cycle. it decomposes potential failure modes in multiple dimensions such as mechanical structure, thermoelectric coupling, control management, and human-machine operation and maintenance into electrode materials and single cells. , components, spare parts, battery modules, the entire cabin and other levels, forming a safety design matrix network, and each node has a targeted safety evaluation and verification plan.

among them, taking electrical safety as an example, the rept battero 5.51mwh battery compartment system comprehensively decomposes the product's electrical nodes, and gradually sets disconnection protection mechanisms and strategies for potential short-circuit risk areas of the system to improve system safety and robustness. in the fire safety plan, the compliance design and verification has been upgraded to respond to the requirements for flammable gas detection, elimination, and explosion-proofing of the entire cabin. its specification compliance covers the standard requirements of nfpa.

03 better installation and transportation

the battery cabin system still uses prefabricated cabins of standard sizes for integration, transportation and installation. in the face of greater loading mass, the structural strengthening of the entire cabin is carried out simultaneously with the improvement of energy. the cabin structure has passed various strength tests and dimensional requirements of china classification society for shipping container boxes such as ballast and hoisting, and fully meets the transportation conditions of container ships as a means of transportation. the entire cabin design follows the 5.1mwh single-side door opening design and ab cabin configuration, supporting a side-by-side and back-to-back four-machine cabinet layout, saving land and reducing initial investment costs.

large-capacity energy storage products have outstanding advantages in economic benefits, safety performance, cycle life, and economy, and have become the preference of the current energy storage market. with the further development of technology and the maturity of the market, the application of large-capacity energy storage products will become more widespread. rept battero's newly upgraded 5.51mwh battery cabin energy storage system is a timely response to market demand and is another upgrade and expansion of the application of wending technology.

in the context of the accelerated green transformation of global energy and the "double carbon" goal, rept battero has been committed to the innovation of key energy storage battery technologies and system application innovation. in the future, we will continue to focus on ultimate energy storage solutions, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, and bring higher-performance and safer energy storage products to the market. from front-end design, research and development, production to after-sales service, we will insist on using the best products in every link cost-effective solutions provide customers at home and abroad with more economical, safer, more reliable, more convenient and inclusive green energy solutions, and contribute our strength to the green transformation of global energy.

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