meeting of 100 forum 2024 | wending leads the sustainable development of the power industry
meeting of 100 forum 2024 | wending leads the sustainable development of the power industry
2024/4/2 17:02:00
meeting of 100 forum 2024 | wending leads the sustainable development of the power industry

meeting of 100 forum 2024 | wending leads the sustainable development of the power industry

committee of 100 forum 2024

“the new energy tram industry is still in a period of rapid development, but with the influx of a large number of players, market competition has intensified and the industry has become seriously involved. under such circumstances, companies must focus on the system and innovation as their soul, and accelerate global layout. we will embrace industry involution with first-class product power and first-class channel power.”

                                                                                                                                   ——dr. cao hui

electric vehicles forum

in 2023, china's automobile industry will see booming production and sales, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles will bring new hope and a higher starting point for the start of 2024. at the same time, the new energy and smart car industries have also entered a new stage, with more active technological and business innovation, more intense international competition, and deeper cross-border integration.

in a critical year for the development of the industry, the china electric vehicle hundreds forum (2024) grandly opened at the diaoyutai state guesthouse in beijing on march 15. forums and meetings were held around the core topic of "consolidating and expanding the development advantages of new energy vehicles". it aims to strengthen industry confidence, help enterprises understand the competitive situation and actively respond to challenges. at the scene, well-known experts, scholars and important guests from government departments, research institutions and enterprises focused on the trend of industrial change and explored new paths for industrial development.


on the morning of march 16, dr. cao hui, chairman of rept battero, attended an international forum and delivered a speech titled "wending battery technology helps green new energy industry", discussing the development trends of overseas and localization of the electric vehicle industry, as well as global new energy the actions and practices of automotive technology innovation and sustainable development include how to promote the electrification development and international cooperation of new technologies, new models, and new systems in different automotive application scenarios, and how to build a sustainable new energy vehicle full value chain and ecological chain. express opinions on the concept of sustainable development and how to create a corporate sustainable development strategy suitable for the international development environment.


dr. cao hui mentioned in his speech that the new energy electric vehicle industry is still in a period of rapid development. however, with the influx of a large number of players, market competition has intensified and industry involution has become serious. in the fiercely competitive global power market, china's power battery industry it will focus on three major propositions: technological innovation, cost control, and global market strategy. relying on the green value chain empowerment of tsingshan's global layout, rept battero has a stable supply chain and cost advantages. it has always adhered to the global market layout and localization strategy. it has now carried out local investigation and research work in indonesia and europe, and will continue to accelerate its overseas expansion.

at the level of new energy power battery technology innovation, due to cost reductions and improvements in lithium iron phosphate technology, lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries will become an important part of the battery roadmap. rept battero wending technology helps lfp power cells achieve a volume energy density of over 430wh/l when the capacity reaches 175ah, enabling super fast charging in 16 minutes; wending 345ah energy storage cells greatly increase the capacity while maintaining the same size, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. , setting new standards for the new energy battery industry.


wending technology, as a green battery technology, achieves carbon emission reduction, is environmentally friendly, and contributes to sustainable development. wending battery has achieved a new balance of high energy density, fast charging, and high power. in the field of power, the application of wending technology can provide customers with a dual-optimal solution of high safety and long battery life, helping green energy travel; in the field of energy storage, it can realize the synergistic effect of electricity and energy storage, and provide sustainable low-carbon comprehensive energy solutions while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. wending technology has shown great advantages in green emission reduction and will comprehensively contribute to the sustainable development of the new energy industry.

in order to achieve the sustainable development of the power industry and broader global carbon emission reduction goals, rept battero will achieve operational carbon neutrality in 2026 from three dimensions: material recycling, electrified transportation, and efficient manufacturing. by 2035, rept battero will further achieve carbon neutrality in the value chain and make positive contributions to building a more sustainable green future. rept battero actively builds a green product ecosystem. wending battery significantly shortens the electron transmission path and improves ion activity through technological innovation, with higher energy efficiency, lower impedance, and lower heat generation. taking the wending 320ah energy storage battery cell as an example to replace the 280ah battery cell, a single battery cell during the entire life cycle can achieve a carbon emission reduction of 54.6kg. therefore, using wending battery is contributing to the energy conservation and emission reduction of the earth and contributing to a green future.

in the future, rept battero will accelerate the development of high-tech, high-efficiency and high-quality new productivity, continuously enhance the competitiveness of china's power industry in the global power market, and continue to develop under the concept of sustainable development of the full value chain and ecological chain. promote the development of electrification, carry out in-depth international cooperation, and help build a global green energy system.

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