high-energy qd-boundless battery life | rept battero
high-energy qd-boundless battery life | rept battero "wending" battery is mass-produced for the first time!
2023/4/19 9:07:00

high-energy qd-boundless battery life | rept battero "wending" battery is mass-produced for the first time!

on april 18, 2023, at the 2023 shanghai international auto show, rept battero  wending batteries 158ah and 200ah made their debut, and mass production of 158ah was launched. with strength, it interprets "high-energy topping, battery life without boundaries" and fully opened the new era of wending.


high-energy top-of-the-line · endless battery life


technology empowers "wending"

as the core technology independently developed by rept battero, the "wending" technology helps the "wending" battery to achieve excellent performance. the "wending" technology integrates cell structure technology, process technology and equipment technology innovation, internal electrochemical characteristics and cutting-edge technology for stabilizing the solid-liquid interface. it can be applied to lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries to achieve dual high electrodes. applications, and continue to enhance the energy characteristics and safety characteristics of the battery.

innovation defines "wending"

the innovation of the "wending” battery is to shorten the length of the tab, change the connection method with the adapter piece, and adopt the integrated welding technology to realize the integrated connection of the internal structure of the battery cell, and reduce the original top space by 15 the millimeter is reduced to 8mm, which effectively increases the space utilization rate by more than 7%. from the perspective of the internal structure of the battery, the top of the battery cell is basically very close to the bottom of the cover, which is one of the reasons why rept battero named it the "wending" battery.

advantages achieve "wending"

long battery life, long life: the general technology of batteries of wending battery can be applied to lithium iron phosphate and ternary system batteries at the same time. it can make the cruising range of the new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery exceed 700 kilometers. in terms of ternary batteries, the wending battery can allow medium-nickel ternary batteries to take into account high safety and long life at the same time, and the cruising range exceeds 1,000 kilometers. electric vehicles with high-nickel ternary power batteries are expected to exceed 1,200 kilometers.

high safety and low cost: in addition to the long battery life brought about by the increase in energy density, the “wending” battery has a tighter structure, which improves the performance of the battery against shock and shock and improves safety. in terms of cost, this technology will save more than 5% in raw materials and controls.

the mass production of "wending" batteries means that the "wending" series with long battery life and high safety and comprehensive performance will be put into large-scale production and use one after another. for different user needs and application scenarios, rept battero launched the "wending" 158ah and 200ah with their own advantages.

"wending" 158ah


·energy density 450 wh/l;

·discharge capacity above 3c rate;

high and low temperature wide temperature range discharge capability;

·long cycle life of more than 3000 weeks;

·excellent safety features.

"wending" 200ah

640 (1).png

·high energy density, 650 wh/l;

low impedance with wide temperature range and high output power;

·long cycle life of 2000 weeks;

·excellent discharge capability in wide temperature range.

"wending" pack

"wending" 450 pack, to achieve the optimal cost: "wending" 450 pack with 158ah batteries, the whole package power is greater than 70kwh, using lfp to replace the existing ncm product, under the same cruising range, the cost of the whole package is reduced by 15 more than 600km to meet the battery life requirements.

"wending" 650 pack, super long battery life, comprehensively improved safety performance: "wending" 650 pack using 200ah batteries of wending, the power of the whole package is greater than 110kwh, using medium-nickel ncm batteries to replace traditional high-nickel products, the safety performance is fully upgraded to meet the battery life requirements of more than 800km.

opening up a new era of wending in an all-round way

at the press conference, it was officially announced that the mass production of the "wending" 158ah will be released for the first time, and rept battero officially opened a new era of wending. the "wending" battery itself has a volumetric energy density that breaks through the ceiling of the industry, and has comprehensively improved battery life and safety performance. rept battero has achieved industry leadership at the technical level, and the mass production of "wending" 158ah means that with rept battero, the battery will usher in another leapfrog upgrade in terms of safety and battery life, which confirms rept battero's adherence to the concept of globalization and high-quality development, with advanced technology research and development strength and large-scale high-quality manufacturing strength, lead to overcome new problems in the industry, continuously meet new needs of the industry, and promote the innovation and development of core technologies in the entire industry.

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the mass production launch of "wending" battery is rept battero's exploration of "higher", and it is a perfect interpretation of "longing for higher, giving the world a new imagination". in the context of carbon transformation, we will continue to attack the pain points of china's lithium battery industry, continue to innovate and output, and strive to solve industry problems, establish industry benchmarks, promote industry development, and shoulder social responsibilities. , the main force of global energy sustainable development.


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