[flash news]
[flash news] "ultra-high imagination, create a core era" rept battero new product strategy conference successfully concluded
2023/5/20 15:52:00

[flash news] "ultra-high imagination, create a core era" rept battero new product strategy conference successfully concluded

in order to actively respond to the vigorous development of the global new energy industry, at 18:30 on august 25th, rept battero held a new product exhibition with the theme of "ultra-high imagination, creating a core era" at the grand skylight international hotel in beijing. at the strategy conference, xiang guangda, chairman of the board of directors of tsingshan industrial, dong yang, vice chairman of china electric vehicle 100, co-chairman of china intelligent connected vehicle industry innovation alliance, huang xiangyuan, managing director of shangqi capital, china automotive power battery industry innovation xu yanhua, secretary-general of the alliance, fang fenglei, chairman of hopu capital, li gang, professor of the school of mechanical and transportation engineering of hunan university, wu gang, chairman of goldwind technology, xu bin, deputy general manager of dongfeng passenger vehicle, shu chuncheng, vice president of leap motor, and hechuang xie zhihong, executive president of automobile, zhou peng, chairman of huating (hefei) power, tian shuo, chairman of beijing keyi power technology, xia baojia, an expert from the chinese academy of sciences, cui yu, head of idg capital investment, hu xiaodong, chairman of evergreen, and feng ting, vice president, cao hui, chairman of rept battero energy, and other guests attended the meeting. at the same time, guests from domestic oems such as saic, dongfeng, ideal, xiaopeng, and qingcheng, as well as experts and friends from international oems such as volkswagen, bmw, and tata, were invited to attend the release will be on site.

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hu xiaodong, chairman of evergreen co., ltd., delivered an opening speech. mr. hu said: in the process of building a global leading brand of power batteries, it is inseparable from the original intention, the wave of the times, and the escort of the long-term vision; rept battero energy is committed to the continuous innovation of power battery technology, continue to use higher-performance power battery products to help china's new energy automobile industry move forward, super-high strategy, achieve super-high imagination, super-high strategy, drive us to create a core era.


cao hui, chairman of the company, released the brand strategy. he said: rept battero energy has been established for 5 years and has grown steadily from a dark horse in the industry to an outstanding enterprise in the industry. innovation as the core competitiveness, attaches great importance to the research and development of cutting-edge technology of power batteries. the investment of more than 10 billion yuan in 5 years, more than 1,000 patented technologies, and more than 100 international certifications are the foundation for the achievement of rept battero industry leadership; i believe that in under the leadership of chairman xiang of tsingshan industrial co., ltd., with the support of our partners, adhering to the enterprise spirit of daring to be the first, being honest and dedicated, and through the hard work of all employees, we will surely become a world-class company with innovation leadership, technology leadership, and an output value of 100 billion yuan. power battery company.


vice president hou min and vice president cao kai released the 450wh/l ultra-high volume energy density dual chemical system top battery and the high volume utilization rate r63 system to help the vehicle achieve lfp 700km battery life and ncm 1000km battery life.

dong yang, co-chairman of the china intelligent connected vehicle industry innovation alliance, and li gang, a professor at the school of mechanical and transportation engineering of hunan university, shared their experiences at the press conference. mastering core technologies and adhering to technological innovation are the leaders of rept battero. the way of development is also the way of development of the whole industry.

at the end of the press conference, zhu jiangming, chairman of leapmotor, wei yong, vice president of saic motor, and lian chaochun, deputy general manager of stc-wuling, sent congratulatory messages online, expressing the friendly cooperation between the two parties and wishing the conference a complete success.

with the trust and support of all partners, rept battero will triumph all the way in the frontier of power batteries, and go to a better future with everyone.



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